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Commercial web hosting services

Commercial web hosting services

is a term which is used to mean a number of things however most often

commercial web hosting

refers to

web hosting services

fit for use by commercial organisations rather than the general public or for 'hobby sites'. This all seems rather obvious until you consider the general confusion which exists in the

web hosting

market with some organisations providing

web hosting

for as little as a few pounds per month, while at the other end of the spectrum some

commercial web hosting

companies provide

web hosting services

for £20,000 a month. So, which one is right for you?

If you are a small organisation turning over less than £50,000 per annum then it probably doesn't matter what kind of

web hosting

facilities you use - that's of course unless your company relies on having a

reliable web presence

posted on a web server which can work quickly enough to satisfy customers around the clock when browsing your site. What is meant here is that your

web hosting provider

should be fast enough to ensure that customers don't get frustrated when trying to look at web pages on your site.

For SME organisations

web hosting

requirements are best served by using a

commercial web hosting

service on a shared server basis. thinktank provides this service for organisations looking for

best value web hosting


Commercial web hosting services

come with a number of features and free e-mail accounts, based on hosting your site in a secure

web hosting

server farm with biometric access for added security.

Clients with a more demanding need for

web hosting

will require a

dedicated web server

or a co-located server for their needs. Dedicated


and dedicated co-located

web servers

are available with or without a managed facility. The higher the level of redundancy required (automatic backup or mirroring of discs in the event of disk failure) and the higher the level of management needed, then the more expensive

web hosting

becomes. It is always recommended that an organisation uses a server farm for

web hosting

due to security and reliability reasons in addition to the obvious benefits gained through accessing a more reliable connection into the Internet itself.

thinktank provides

commercial web hosting services

to existing clients or clients wishing to use thinktank's

web design agency

services. Based in central Manchester with hosting facilities across the UK, call thinktank


now and ask to speak to a consultant regarding

commercial web hosting

for all your hosting requirements. Call Manchester +44 (0)161 413 6222.

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