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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

is a topic which is poorly understood by a significant proportion of UK companies (not including digital marketing specialists or


managers working in blue chip organisations). It is not essential to have a solid understanding of


yet it does pay dividends to have a level of knowledge which at least gives an informative viewpoint when looking into making decisions about

online strategies




Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

is essentially a pseudo-science which aims to second-guess how

search engines

work and more importantly, how to take advantage of

search engines

when developing


to artificially promote client sites above competitors.

There are a number of tried and tested algorithms which work well in practice when evaluating

SEO trends

, however there is a lot of nonsense talked about 'knowing' how Google works. Yes, there are many publications citing the inner workings of Google are looking at ways to manipulate the search engine via


, but this is a myth. Think about this: Google's brand value is based on its market capitalisation which is a measure of Google's ability to be a highly useful

search engine

whilst providing opportunities for companies wishing to promote via

pay per click (PPC) advertising

to capitalise upon users searching for specific products or services using explicit key words or phrases. If the Google calculation algorithm or algorithms were well-known then it makes sense that Google would quickly lose brand equity as

search engine results

would be meaningless with so many


companies able to break Google's code.

To add further complication to the issue, many

SEO specialists

disagree with each other over the fundamental basics of search engine optimisation. There are however some well-known trends which have been proven in practice to be effective. There are many theories behind how Google works and one of these theories is that Google constantly changes its algorithms and has several different servers using different methodologies to rank websites. You could fill 100 web pages about the merits of each theory, but it won't help you in deciding how to go about

optimising your website


search engine optimisation


Any organisation which guarantees

top search engine placement

or claims to have links with Google should be handled with extreme care as these claims are very unlikely to be true - given this is the situation you may be surprised to learn that there are still hundreds of


companies claiming that this can be done. The truth is less remarkable, instead relying on common sense tactics and a good understanding of

SEO techniques

to provide long-term

SEO strategies

to develop

search engine positions

which will remain high over a period of time. A common sense approach based on years of expertise, understanding how Google has changed over the years plus developing websites which are informative and search engine friendly, is definitely the best approach to take when considering an




Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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