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in its simplest form is the use of pictures, video and/or sound within a website, conference, presentation or other type of production. The term


has largely been superseded by a plethora of other terms.


can be referred to as video for web in the same way that


can also be used to describe podcasts. Traditionally clients looking for


services will generally be looking for an

interactive DVD or CD multimedia presentation

using a mix of video, audio or presentation materials for distribution. Whatever your requirements for

multimedia services

, thinktank

marketing & advertising

Manchester delivers a full suite of options. Best of all thinktank

marketing & advertising

Manchester provides

multimedia services

in-house, without the need for outsourcing - keeping your information completely confidential, reducing costs and keeping production times to an absolute minimum.

When using it in the way it should be used


provides one of the best platforms for distributing information effectively. Previously


was only used by large organisations due to the prohibitive cost of

video productions

and the skills required to produce effective

multimedia presentations




CD format

. Modern

multimedia services

can be provided for a fraction of the cost that was originally charged by

marketing companies

in yesteryear. This now means that you can choose to take a competitive advantage in your marketplace by creating and distributing

multimedia materials

quickly and cost effectively than ever before.




multimedia services

for companies looking to


products or services, for their training needs and other applications such as construction companies for example when participating in pre-qualification questionnaire scenarios when dealing with public sector organisations.

For companies with extensive distributor networks


makes sense allowing

training materials

and new

product information

to be distributed in a standard format for wholesalers or suppliers. Used in this way


provides a consistent approach to




and allows

brand control

to be kept by head office as all materials distributed to end users can be controlled.

Inclusion of

active links


talking heads


product videos


standard presentation materials

including technical documents and data sheets are all within the capabilities of a

good multimedia presentation


Multimedia services

are provided by thinktank

marketing & advertising

, Manchester's leading

multimedia services agency

, by contacting the Manchester team on +44 (0)161 413 6222. The Manchester team deals with

multimedia services

enquiries for global clients. Should you be looking for SME

multimedia services

then these are provided better companies within the general locality of Merseyside (Liverpool, Wirral and surrounding areas), Greater Manchester (including Wigan, Oldham, Bury, Rochdale etc), Cheshire (including Warrington, Lymm, Altrincham, Hale etc), Stockport and Lancashire (including Preston, Ormskirk, Lancaster, Blackpool, Blackburn etc). Enquiries for SME

multimedia services

should also be made to the Manchester

marketing office

on +44 (0)161 413 6222.

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