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Product launch management

Product launch management

is the art of taking the initial ideas about a new product or new service and taking them directly to market in the form of a new product or service.


agencies use the term

product launch

interchangeably when discussing



New Product Development


pre-marketing planning

, the

launch event

itself, creation of product


, development of a

press pack

or, any number of similar initiatives taking place before, at, or immediately after product launch. Each of these areas are very different in nature and this section aims to detail the management of the

product launch

process itself - from initial conceptualisation about a product or service through to its launch in the market.

Ask any


undergraduate about launching a

new product



and they'll probably chirp up with the name Ansoff, which basically means looking at a

new product launch


new service launch

into a new or existing marketplace. Also Ansoff details the ability to


an existing product into a new market and demonstrates the possibility of launching a

new product


new service

into a completely new market (diversification). Theory aside, it is more likely than not that you will be

launching a new product

or new service into an existing market that you know about. This isn't a hard and fast rule however the majority of calls to

marketing agencies

in the UK (when enquiring about

product launches

) are in relation to developing a new product for existing markets.

thinktank is one of the few

marketing companies

which provides a complete service for

product launch management

. Assistance with naming your brand (brand name nomenclature) is provided together with a

full creative service

to develop a

brand identity

for your new product or service. A full range of

strategic marketing services

provided for



New Product Development

) sits within the same framework as



advertising support

. This means that

marketing planning


creative services

can coexist seamlessly during the

product launch management

stage, keeping your new

product launch

plans under wraps, reducing costs through improving efficiencies within the development process and speeding up the time to market.

Elsewhere on this site various aspects of

product launch management

are touched upon lightly. For a more comprehensive look at your

product launch management strategy

or to speak to a

marketing consultant

from a reputable

marketing agency

based in Manchester, speak to the

product launch management specialists

now. Call the best

marketing agency

in Manchester +44 (0)161 413 6222.

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