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Budgeting for product launches

How do you budget for a

product launch

? What is the answer? If budgeting for your

product launch

is a figure which is determined prior to developing a market forecast or if your

product launch budget

has been determined before a careful planning exercise has been carried out, then it's likely you going to need the assistance of an expert from one of the few

marketing agencies

which provide a

full strategic planning service


Marketing agencies

like thinktank will work with you to develop

product launch budgets

for any new




which you plan to take to market in the future.

Budgeting management

can include evaluation of each of the steps required during the

product launch phase

and can also include

launch activities

such as the

launch event

itself and the planning of required

marketing materials


By managing your

launch budget

you are likely to keep expenditure to a minimum whilst ensuring that investment is placed in the most important areas where it is needed. For international clients requiring assistance with budgeting for product or service launch or help in evaluating the necessary steps required for global or European

product launches


marketing agencies

such as thinktank provide all the necessary

strategic marketing support

for you.

SME services are available through thinktank's head office site for local companies within the Manchester, Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Liverpool, Wirral, Cheshire and Lancashire areas. Speak to one of the

leading marketing agencies

in Manchester about your

budget planning


product launch

. Call the

marketing company

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