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Pre-marketing planning

At the


phase there is a great deal to do in order to get matters sorted out for any new



service launch

- even if it is a simple line extension that you are launching. Many companies miss the opportunities presented to them during the

pre-marketing phase

as it gives them a golden chance to interact with staff, suppliers and customers to gain vital information about existing products and services, gathering useful information for



Pre-marketing planning

includes the entire gambit from

brand name nomenclature

(naming your product) all the way through to pricing of your product or service. Leaving aside everything in between for now (which equates to 98% of the

product launch

process) simply naming a product or service can have an unusually large effect on its take-up after


, plus pricing correctly can make the difference between success and failure for a product or service.

There are classic examples of organisations both small and large, developing

brand names

at the pre-marketing phase which simply lacked foresight, or comical examples of organisations changing a product, service or company name with insufficient planning or corporate arrogance placed firmly above common sense or sound market research knowledge. For example, 'Nova' was seemingly a good name for a small car until the Spanish market was considered. Meaning 'no-go' the word Nova could not be used, instead the brand name Corsa was more appropriate. Similarly the Post Office had been an established brand name for many years in the UK and the sudden change to Consignia brought about a huge backlash from the general public for a number of reasons. Costing millions to implement, the name Consignia was dropped in favour of its original name, much loved by the British population.

The area of

pre-marketing planning

is so extensive that it is way beyond the scope of this web page. More importantly it is way beyond the scope of the average





communications agency


creative agency


marketing consultant

who may collectively have had little exposure to the unique area of

pre-marketing planning



itself within a client



To maximise the probability of success for your product or service during the

pre-marketing planning

phase and to ensure that you consider the essentials during product


, give the experts a call now on Manchester +44 (0)161 413 6222.

Product launch services


pre-marketing planning consultancy

is available for international organisations via thinktank's Manchester head office. For SME companies requiring

pre-marketing planning support

, thinktank

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agency services will deliver services to local companies within the Manchester, Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Liverpool, Wirral, Cheshire and Lancashire areas.

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