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Brand name development

Some companies charge in excess of £100,000 for

naming your brand

. This is essential expenditure for international companies looking to launch into markets where this investment will be recuperated quickly, yet the reality of the situation dictates that the majority of companies choose to spend very little, if anything at all, on

naming their brands

. Whilst £100,000 may seem excessive yet worthwhile for larger organisations, attempting to

name your brand

in-house is very likely to lead to selecting a name which could affect your potential of your product or service in the market.

The subject of

brand name development

or '


' is a touchy subject as it is regarded as tantamount to commercial suicide for an

external marketing agency

to make comment on the subject, similar to what would happen if you were to try to get yourself involved in naming the managing directors newborn baby. That's why thinktank


waits for clients to ask about its

brand name development service

before getting involved with the process of helping clients to

develop a new brand name


Trade market considerations are often included within the naming process together with

available Internet domain names

and other external factors affecting the availability or legality of using any particular name. Now that you see the importance of considering the full picture in determining your

new brand name

then perhaps it pays dividends to include thinktank

marketing & advertising

in the process of

brand name development

of your new company, product or service.



Manchester creates ideas and provides

market research

for clients wishing to give their new products or services a

brand name

or names. Advice and guidance on basic

trademarking principles

is provided alongside

creative conceptualisation


brand identities

, giving you the full one-stop shop service for

brand name development


brand identity development


To speak to an expert from one of the reputable Manchester

marketing agencies

in the arena of

brand identity


brand name development

, pick up the phone and speak to thinktank


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