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Pricing products & services

Pricing products or services

should be an integral part of your marketing strategy. Pricing too cheaply can have a detrimental effect on the perceived quality of your brand, let alone reduce profitability or threaten long-term viability. On the other hand, making the mistake of setting a price which is too high will ultimately lead to reduced demand and in turn, could cause a product launch marketing failure.

As any good marketing agency knows, Just because it costs you a certain amount to produce a product doesn't mean that customers are prepared to pay X percent more (cost-plus mark-up) for your new product or service. Whilst in some sectors this may be perceived as an effective way to price products or services, or it may be a concept that your finance director or accountant recommends, it is not the most effective way of

pricing products

or services; this is a challenge faced many times every year by marketing agencies like thinktank.

As an well-established marketing agency, thinktank has seen a shift towards transparency of pricing with the proliferation of the internet during the last 15-years, this means that it is more important for companies to be selective when developing pricing models for new products or services, especially in markets which rely heavily on online sales.

Developing a strong brand and improved profitability can be achieved through determining the optimum prices for your products or services. This is true whether you are in the business of premium priced goods through selective distribution channels or in the business of supplying to 'pile it high, sell it cheap' commodity markets.

Pricing products and services

correctly minimises the ability of the competition to out-manoeuvre you during product launch or afterwards.

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marketing agency Manchester

is exceptionally experienced in successfully setting prices for products and services in new and established markets. Contact the marketing agency which counts today!

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