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New Product Development

For sustainable growth, businesses need to develop new products and expand service provision. This requires time commitment and extra financial resources, without any real guarantee of success. So why are some launches more successful than others and how can you maximise the chances of success?

Experience shows that successful product launches into new or existing markets, depends on the ability of the team responsible for product development and marketing (or the marketing agency services company experience), to possess a clear vision of what customers need, plus the ability to maximise pre-and post-launch marketing activities effectively.

Unless you are lucky enough to enjoy the benefits of a large blue chip company marketing budget, you will be expected to generate a good return on investment, starting off with a budget which must be invested carefully in order to make your launch one of the successful ones. Generally speaking, it helps if you've got a great partner on board, like the thinktank marketing agency Manchester.

If you've successfully launched a number of products before, then you'll understand the importance of getting things right, however if you're new to product launches or planning to hand over responsibility to an individual, team or advertising agency without a proven track record in new product development, you'll quickly see the benefits of inviting a top-calibre marketing agency, like thinktank, to help you develop your

new product development

marketing plans.

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