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Unless you're a marketing consultant or working for a marketing agency you may have pondered the question, "Marketing strategy and

marketing consultancy

- what are they and why are they important?" For many companies it is the norm to view marketing or marketing strategy as a short-term measure to gain much needed sales growth quickly. Ask any successful marketing agency or marketing consultancy and they will tell you that sustainable sales growth is king; provided that it is supported by a well considered and constructed marketing strategy and marketing plan.

It is the marketing strategy, developed by a marketing consultancy, behind a product or service which will be the underpinning force in maintaining long-term growth. And, sound marketing strategy developed by a solid marketing consultancy, which will serve to optimise marketing growth, margins and return on investment.

Marketing consultancy in practice is a marketing service delivered by accredited marketing consultants, from the thinktank marketing agency Manchester. They will analyse your current brand marketing activities together with market conditions to create and implement short, medium and longer term marketing strategies for your product, service or company as a whole.

Marketing consultancy by thinktank marketing can be fully delivered through to implementation phase, utilising the advertising agency, digital agency, web design or video production capabilities available to all thinktank clients, giving you the ultimate strategic marketing solution.

thinktank marketing’s strategic marketing consultancy services are suitable for SMEs or blue chip organisations and can be delivered at board or product manager level (for larger organisations) - or as a complete service for smaller companies looking to strengthen their marketing by working together with experts acting as their sub-contracted marketing department.

For further advice or information about how marketing consultancy services can help your organisation, contact thinktank's Manchester-based marketing consultancy team on +44 (0)161 413 6222.

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