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makes a world of difference when it comes to giving your design the competitive edge it needs. thinktank provides an in-house award-winning

photography service

together with

photographic library stock shots

for clients choosing a thinktank marketing or



Depending on your photography budget there are a number of alternatives you can choose from.

Bespoke photography


commissioned photography

) is always the best choice for design purposes where budget permits.

Bespoke photography

means that you will have an experienced commercial photographer taking photographs on location, at your workplace or in a photographic studio, taking shots exclusively for you. This is the ideal photographic solution for handling studio pack shot photography, retail photography, lifestyle photography and other areas where

bespoke photography

is essential.

If your budget won't extend to

commissioned photography

, then there are a number of good alternative photographic choices you can use - like library photographs. These are generally very high quality photographs, available at a fraction of the cost of

commercial photography


It is important to select the right kind of photography for your exact photographic needs for the project in hand. A good commercial photographer will generally be experienced in one specific area such as location photography, industrial photography, studio photography, action sports photography, or PR. A truly great photographer will be accomplished in all areas and have a track record to prove it. It is wise to choose your photographic supplier based on your budget and needs. thinktank's in-house photographer is highly experienced, has recently worked with leading design brands and world famous icons such as JJB, Pataks, Rentokil, Liverpool Football Club, Sting, Naomi Campbell, David Jason and the Dalai Lama.

Find out more information about thinktank's

in-house photography services

and speak to a commercial photographer who will be able to advise you on the best course of action to take for your photographic needs. Location photography, studio photography, aerial photography and other specialist photography requirements can be dealt with through the thinktank's Manchester office. Call Manchester +44 (0)161 413 6222 now.

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