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Corporate image design

Corporate image

is a phrase often interchangeably used to mean

company image


brand identity

. Developing the right corporate image for a product, service or organisation, requires a unique blend of skills. With the benefits of

marketing consultants


creative design specialists


advertising experts

to nurture your corporate image, you'll soon realise why thinktank marketing will develop the look and feel for your brand that you've been longing for.

First, a

marketing & design consultant

will take a detailed brief, listening carefully to your needs which will form the basis of the corporate image design process. thinktank will then carefully analyse and assess your corporate identity briefing notes, prior to the creative process commencing. If we're not entirely sure about something, a member of the team will communicate with you during the process so that the design team has a clear picture of what you're looking for.


corporate identity

will then be developed under the simultaneous guidance of an expert consultant level designer together with a senior or principal marketing consultant. The visuals for your new

corporate identity


corporate ID

) are then presented internally for review, prior to being approved for release and your approval.

A clear benefit of working with thinktank marketing in the development of your new corporate image or brand image, is that you'll know that you can rely on a team who regularly works with blue chip clients, to create a corporate image design which will work on every level - as an exciting new persona for your company or brand, one which differentiates you from the competition and, intelligent corporate image design backed by marketing specialists with UK & international expertise.

Once your new corporate identity has been approved by you, thinktank marketing can incorporate your new concept into your promotional literature, stationery design, web site design and every other form of visual media used for promoting your company or brand.

By selecting thinktank marketing to create your corporate image or modify an existing corporate ID, a long-term relationship can be built with a team who fully understands your requirements and have the capacity ability to deliver a full-service marketing and design offering to you.

Contact the corporate identity specialists at the thinktank marketing now by calling the Manchester office on +44 (0)161 413 6222.

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