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Viral advertising

is the art of seeding and distributing materials which appeal to the general public or specific target groups. Also known '

Viral Marketing

', '

Viral Ad Campaigns

' or simply, '


', this individual type of guerrilla marketing relies on other people with like-minded interests to self-distribute your content to others, believing that the viral campaign has some inherent value for them too. Inherent value can be regarded as pure new information distribution, comedy, current affairs, a take-off of an existing campaign or any number of alternative flavours. The bottom line here is that the content needs to have good entertainment and/or informative value to others to be suitable for seeding in the first place.

Viral marketing or viral advertising can be in the form of video, email, sms, presentations or through social networks in the form of messages, tweets etc. Thinktank has a fully integrated approach to viral marketing & advertising, ensuring that it integrates fully with offline and online activities, but most important, viral must be distributed to work effectively, that's why thinktank advise developing cutting-edge campaigns which work more effectively than a standard 'corporate' message. Campaigns can be straight, risqué, contentious, bold or downright funny! The choice is yours.

Both risk and reward must be calculated prior to considering viral advertising campaigns as a viable option for organisations, especially by companies with a high profile or a good long-standing reputation. While many companies enjoy the fruits of viral advertising and marketing campaigns through being young and influential, these types of organisations aren't necessarily placing their reputations on the line by chancing faux pas. And, with social networking groups becoming more aware of overt promotion, there's always a risk of alienating the very people you are trying to win over. If viral advertising isn't something you considered before then perhaps you can start to see why it's good to talk to an expert agency like thinktank marketing & advertising for developing your viral advertising campaigns.

Very often organisations will approach viral advertising in the same way that blue chip organisations originally embraced online advertising, which is having a completely different approach to the possibilities and opportunities to be had. Moreover, if you're a smaller organisation or a forward thinking blue chip company, your board will probably be more 'up for it' in terms of having an open mind when considering the specialist area of viral advertising. This can be essential if you are to develop a reputation for viral advertising campaigns which are respected by your customer base.

Commercial organisations including companies with a reputation for being conservative in nature, can loosen their ties and brand guidelines when promoting using viral advertising. The potential rewards to be gained from a successful viral advertising campaign make the risks worthwhile provided that you have carefully thought through the ramifications of a campaign turning sour. If you've done your homework correctly in the worst-case scenario for viral advertising tends to be a lack of uptake. Thinktank will help you consider the options prior to embarking upon your viral advertising and marketing journey.

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