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like the thinktank marketing & advertising agency can quickly monetise your product or service on television, which today is still the single most effective media for consumer advertising. Thinktank is the first Manchester TV advertising agency with the in-house capabilities to creatively conceptualise, storyboard, produce, film and deliver your entire TV ad campaign from end to end. And, TV advertising services provided by the company also include a full planning and media buying service which together give you the integrated TV advertising service that you need to produce winning TV campaigns. For clients operating across multiple regions global TV commercial production services are provided for the UK, Europe, the US and the Middle East.

It is rare to find ad agencies with an in-house capability to deliver digital media or creative TV advertising campaigns, as the vast majority of agencies outsource or commission third-party directors, producers and TV crews in the making of TV advertising: invariably post-production is also outsourced, even by many other TV advertising agencies. thinktank marketing & advertising provides a true full-service TV advertising offering with creative development, pre-production, filming and post-production services in one central location.

During the creation and development of your media campaign, marketing and advertising specialists work in collaboration with your film director, scriptwriter and producer, fusing creativity with commercial acumen in a way that delivers results. A full briefing service enables you to get involved in the creation of your TV advert and you will be advised along the way about the best ways of communicating your messages to your consumer audience, taking into consideration factors such as the power of your TV advertising budget, the competitive nature of your market, your specific product or service benefits and the demographics of your target TV audience.

Once your TV advertising budget has been agreed and contracts approved, thinktank's team of advertising specialists will get to work, feeding in important information received from you into the creative process. Storyboard concepts will then be presented, giving you a clear picture of what your TV advert will look like. The director of photography and executive producer will meet with you to discuss your feedback and on agreement the finer details will be put in place. Location scouting and location management services can be provided along with casting, hair & make-up, wardrobe and any other services required to produce your TV advert will be organised for you, leaving you to enjoy the experience of the filming of your TV advert. If your campaign includes animation then this also will be storyboarded within the creative process.

For an in-depth discussion about your TV advertising needs or to see how thinktank can produce high impact cost-effective TV advertising for your product or service, call in the experts now on Manchester +44 (0)161 413 6222.

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