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thinktank has significant experience in working with not-for-profit organisations. Marketing and advertising in the world of the public sector or charities requires an entirely different perspective and approach. It's reassuring to know that the founder members and principal consultants at thinktank marketing & advertising have board-level, senior management and operational experience within public sector environments, making thinktank the number one choice for public sector or charity advertising in Manchester.

With the ability to quickly develop strong relationships with the public, councillors, groups, boards, committees and stakeholders, the thinktank public sector & charity advertising agency consultants work passionately and enthusiastically to ensure that all stakeholders are on-board during the decision-making process, carefully including the details which are most important to you and your colleagues throughout campaign development and especially during the creative process. Through the strength of knowledge and experience gained by working with public sector & charitable organisations, thinktank has a partnership approach mentality, gaining buy-in when preparing and proposing public-sector advertising campaigns. When it comes to charitable advertising, thinktank has the skill to engage with the public sector psyche to produce results.

thinktank marketing & advertising has delivered cutting-edge campaigns for government, local authority, training, education, public information services, library services, government departments, inward investment, Chamber of Commerce, leisure & tourism, pharmaceutical, medical, scientific & healthcare and hospital trusts. In addition to general advertising services provided for non-profit making organisations such as public sector clients, education clients and charities, thinktank's video division has worked with world leaders, UK politicians, suppliers and stakeholders within education, healthcare, government and other similar relevant organisations. thinktank can deliver powerful public information films, including documentary filming to communicate the importance of a particular cause - often an important factor for promoting charities and charitable fundraising activities.

So whether you're looking for a public sector / charity advertising agency capable of delivering TV advertising, communication, film or print for a one-off campaign or free complete overview of your advertising activities, contact the leaders in public sector & charity advertising services. Call the thinktank marketing & advertising agency Manchester today on +44 (0)161 413 6222.

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