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Online advertising

Prior to extolling the benefits of choosing thinktank marketing agency Manchester as your intelligent choice of

online advertising


digital agency

or integrated marketing agency, let's take a quick look at the online ad world and what choices are available to you.

Today it's fair to say that more companies use

online advertising

in preference to traditional offline advertising, however many big brands continue to effectively integrate their online and offline activities to great effect, by carefully choosing the right media to meet their needs. Whatever the flavour, online advertising is known by a plethora of names including; internet advertising, web adverts, viral, social media, digital marketing, electronic advertising, PPC, CPM, affiliate marketing, interactive marketing, content delivery network advertising, etc.

Types of online advertising

Whilst some purists may have differing opinions, to help you digest the arena of online advertising in a more palatable way, here are some of the choices you have:
  • Search Engine advertising - e.g. Google PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising
  • Network advertising – targeted adverts (usually PPC) on selected websites
  • On-page targeted adverts – e.g. banner ads, floating ads, pop-up ads
  • Affiliate marketing – e.g., affiliate partner advertising
  • Social Media Marketing Advertising - e.g. Facebook advertising
  • HTML email campaigns
  • Subscription-based advertising through newsletters, networks, etc
  • SMS advertising – advertising by text messages
  • Viral advertising – viral marketing advertising
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) advertising - e.g. in-store advertising
  • Location-based advertising – kiosk advertising, smart phone location advertising
  • Smart phone app advertising - e.g. development of iPhone applications to advertise
If you're working in a large blue-chip organisation and reading this then you'll probably have your own dedicated online marketing department, however most companies in the UK manage their media marketing – offline and offline advertising, through a single team. Whatever your role in selecting a marketing agency capable of handling your online advertising, then it's reassuring to know that thinktank has the expertise, experience and resource to handle your online ad requirements. And, if you're seeking to work with a single source integrated ad agency, then it's time to call in Manchester's leading



online advertising agency

– thinktank.

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