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Offline advertising

Despite the proliferation of online advertising, traditional advertising or as some say '

offline advertising

' is still one of the best ways of advertising to prospective customers or clients – especially when it's done effectively. That's a fact, however before you take this as read, consider this, "What is offline advertising, what are the returns, how much do I need to invest and, can you effectively measure its effect?" And vitally, you're going to need to understand how

offline advertising

fits in with the rest of your marketing platform too.

If you're looking for immediate help with development or improving your offline advertising, speaking to an expert from the leading Manchester integrated marketing & advertising agency will pay dividends for you – call thinktank marketing for advice now on +44 (0)161 413 6222 or read on for further information.

Although not an exhaustive list, here are some of the mainstream types of traditional

offline advertising

provided by integrated

advertising agencies

like the thinktank

marketing & advertising agency Manchester

  • TV advertising
  • Radio Advertising
  • National Press, local press, magazine advertising
  • Specialist B2C magazine advertising or B2B journal advertising
  • Publication sponsorships
  • Outdoor media (Hoardings / Billboards / bus shelters / phone boxes etc.)
  • Radio advertising
  • City or Town sponsorships
  • Team sponsorships (football team sponsors etc.)
  • Event sponsorships
  • Vehicle or fleet advertising (Bus. Trains. Cars, etc.)
  • Poster advertising (transport system, shopping arcades, stores etc.)
  • Large format advertising (pop-up stands, roller banners etc.)
  • On-pack advertising
On the right hand side of this page, the key questions about offline advertising are considered in more detail, however if you're simply looking for Manchester's leading marketing & advertising agency to manage your advertising to grow your business or product sales, simply get in touch today.

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