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If you're already a company who uses a

B2B advertising agency

then you'll probably have a good insight into what works well and how to engage with your target audience. Conversely, if you're not a regular advertiser or perhaps it's your thinking about entering the

B2B advertising

arena for the first time then it is interesting to examine the two mainstream schools of thought. You may have considered that


is a completely different ballgame to B2C advertising, purely on the grounds that you're selling to businesses and specialist sectors and not people. Then again, you may believe that marketing your wares is simply about getting your message across to people – so you could actually reason that B2B is the same as B2C. But, which perspective is right? And, does it really matter?

Simple answer is that both arguments are in fact right, to some extent. But in reality it does matter. And, if you've any experience of working in both worlds then you know that the world of business to business marketing requires a little more know-how to attain industry credibility – totally different to street cred.

Every adult is a consumer, each with a varying degree of consumer power compared to the next person in the street. However in business, there's generally much more depth to your specialist area of knowledge, the language you talk and frequently, the number of people that makes a purchasing decision is very likely to be between 1-3 people. Often, each of the decision makers has a different job role or may base their individual decisions on different criteria. So, showing that you understand their needs, possess the credibility your business deserves and can engage with each of the decision makers on their own level, is a complex matter. That's why

B2B adverts

are different than consumer-driven campaigns.

B2B advertising – the importance of credibility

B2B advertising

is undeniably a specialist form of advertising requiring industry specific knowledge and an understanding of how customers make decisions within a particular sector. Credibility is everything within B2B sectors. It's important that your advertising agency has a good grounding in B2B advertising and marketing. Plus they should also be able to demonstrate that they are effective across more than one area, to ensure that you getting the best of what different B2B marketing techniques are employed across other areas.

A good B2B ad agency will work with you in getting up to speed, taking time to understand your specific requirements and industry sector knowledge. In B2B advertising, credibility is everything.

Why B2B advertising is different than B2C

Take for example finance, healthcare, fmcg, industrial and scientific – these are four typical examples of B2B sectors that require B2B advertising. Let's just take one example from the above, healthcare. Within healthcare you may have the


ad sectors such as beauty, cosmoceuticals, dermaceuticals and opthalmics. Then you've got to consider pharmaceuticals, social care, specialist surgical supplies, OTC medicines etc. Not to labour the point, even within sectors such as pharma, you may have fine chemicals, catalyst suppliers, ligand suppliers, API manufactures, plus the numerous disease areas (cardiology, respiratory, mental health, etc). Trying to apply B2C advertising techniques in these areas would not prove effective as they each require a fundamentally different approach to market and therefore, marketing communications.

Improving your B2B advertising

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